Membership Benefits


Marketing Program - AFM Music, the Association’s marketing department, conducts comprehensive and aggressive activities to publicize, advertise, and promote the employment of Association members.

Subsidized Performances - The Recording Industry’s Music Performance Fund co-sponsors public music performances by our members;

Talent Bank - Provides lists and resumes of those registered and available for employment as side musicians to leaders and contractors;

Job Openings - Positions are posted in the AFM International Musician. Gig leads are processed from AFM Music to members. Teacher referrals for members are acquired from inquiries and the website.

Music Industry Information

AFM Publications - The AFM International Musician and the Local 353 newsletter, Notes from the Board, keep the musician informed and up-to-date.

Web sites - Essential, information on Local 353 and AFM sites.

Local 353 Membership Directory - Lists all members, contact information, instruments.

Professional Security

Club and Casual Contracts - Association contracts establish clear, enforceable agreements between buyers/employers and musicians.

Collective Bargaining Contracts - The AFM maintains national contracts with electronic media and national tour employers; Local 353 maintains ongoing contracts with major local employers.

Published Wage Scales - Developed by market analysis and members’ input to the Local 353 Executive Board to provide for market-sensitive, fair structures.

Legal protection - A law firm is retained by Local 353 to assist in matters of employment.

Financial Security

Pension Plan - Employer-paid plan provides retirement income.

Credit Union - Member accounts are welcome in the Long Beach Schools Financial Credit Union (serving Greater Long Beach) and at the SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union (Hollywood).

On-the-Road Assistance - Emergency travel assistance from the AFM for traveling musicians.

Low-Rate Insurance Plans - Instrument and equipment insurance, musicians’ liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance - Low-cost coverage available thru the AFM - a prudent move (and frequently required by major customers).

Union Privilege Discount Programs - The buying power of nine million associated union members has been tapped to provide preferred rate credit cards and loans, mortgage loans, and great savings on a large variety of big-ticket consumer purchases.

Political Voice

The establishment of some laws and government regulations directly affects professional musicians. Such issues as electronic media performing rights, the restrictions and protection of labor laws, copyrights, carry-on of musical instruments on airlines, health and workplace safeguards, public funding for the performing arts, etc., are of vital interest to the professional musician. Local 353 addresses such concerns at several levels:

National Issues - All Locals maintain an active voice in Congress and Government Agencies through the AFM Legislative Office in Washington, D.C., and through the Professional Department of the AFL-CIO.

California Issues - Local 353 and other Locals in California maintain political clout in Sacramento through membership and participation in the California Arts Advocacy organization and the California Conference of Musicians.

Greater Long Beach Issues - Local 353 conducts public relations activities and participates in local arts and service organizations to exert influence on behalf of its members.