Join the Union

Joining Local 353

Thousands of professional musicians rely on the AFM as their “business partner” in this business of music. Members are provided with benefits and services that are just not available to others. Every member of Local 353 is also a member of the AFM, with all the rights and privileges of that membership anywhere in the United States and Canada. The Local 353 Membership Card can be YOUR passport to those rights, privileges, benefits and services, and you’re invited to obtain that passport TODAY. Upon our receipt of your application, you will receive the Membership Card and an information packet that further details the operations and benefits of Local 353/AFM membership.

What does it cost?

Initiation Fees

There is a one-time initiation charge totaling $90 ($65 fee for the American Federation of Musicians, $25 for Local 353). These fees are waived entirely, however, for Students (musicians with valid student ID) and for musicians under age 21 (Youth)!

Membership Dues

Annual dues are $209 for Regular and Student Members, optionally payable at $54 per calendar quarter. Youth Member dues are $110 per year or $55 semiannually. Senior Members (65+) who have accumulated 35 years of membership in the AFM pay at the reduced Life rate of $102 per year or $52 semiannually.

Total Cost to Join

Musicians may join for as little as one quarter’s membership dues plus the initiation fees:

Member Type Initiation Fees Membership Total
Regular $90 $54 $144
Student $0 $54 $54
Youth $0 $28 $28

How to Join

  1. Download the Membership Application. If you have Adobe Reader or Acrobat you can fill out the first page on your computer.
  2. When you have completed and signed it (in both places), mail it with check or money order to:

Long Beach Area Musicians’ Association
1945 Palo Verde Avenue, Suite 203A
Long Beach, CA 90815

If you have any questions regarding the completion and submission of your application please call (562) 431-7334, visit the Local 353 office, or use our contact form.

You can also join Local 353 and pay your initiation fees online via the AFM website.