Membership Maintenance

Want to Pay Your Dues Online?

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Keeping Your Membership Alive

You membership will work best for you if you maintain current connection with Local 353. That means (1) apprising the Office, as required, of all changes to your contact information, i.e., U.S. mail address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc., (2) attending the General Membership Meetings whenever possible (optional), and, (3) paying your membership dues on schedule, as required. Membership dues structures and schedules are established annually by the October General Membership Meeting as components of the Financial Plan for the following year. The first issue of the Local’s newsletter, Notes from the Board, following approval of the Annual Financial Plan, includes that Plan and its membership dues payment options. Also, by December 1 of each year, notice of the following year's dues requirements is mailed to every member. Membership cards are mailed to musicians within 30 days of receipt of payment. Invoices are sent monthly, as necessary. Invoices sent in the third month of each quarter to all who have not paid for that quarter, will include notification of impending delinquency if dues are not received by the end of that month.

Membership Not in Good Standing

The Union provides reminders, as well as incentives for early payment and disincentives for late payment, to assist the member in avoiding this condition. A late payment fee of $3 is required for any payment received in the second month of the scheduled payment quarter, and an additional $3 late payment fee is assessed for each subsequent month of delinquency. The financial system also requires, however, that at three months delinquency in membership dues payments (by first of the month following the quarter of scheduled payment), the musician is not in good standing and becomes temporarily suspended, i.e., ineligible for Union employment and benefits. Should the period of nonpayment exceed six months, such member must be expelled and removed from the Local’s membership roster.

Regaining Good Standing

The ineligible musician shall regain good standing status and again become eligible for Union employment and benefits upon the Local 353 Office’s receipt of the musician’s payment for all past due amounts and dues to cover the current quarter. The Union will then immediately notify applicable contract personnel managers and/or contractors and the AFM of the musician’s regained “good standing” status.

Membership in/from Other AFM Locals

If a member of another Local wishes to join Local 353, he/she submits a standard Membership Application, $25 Local Initiation Fee, and at least one quarter’s dues. (There is no such thing as a “transfer” permit or fee.) Conversely, if a Local 353 member wishes to join another AFM Local, he/she submits an Application and pays that Local’s Initiation Fee and dues. In neither case would the Federation Initiation fee apply.


To resign in good standing, a member must write to the Local 353 Secretary-Treasurer.